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søndag, februar 19, 2006

Om Olympiaden

Den amerikanske humoristen Dave Barry har en fornøyelig titt på vinterolympiaden i sin seneste artikkel.
It's time once again for the Winter Olympics -- three magical weeks during which all of America will gather in front of the television set to watch American Idol.
But during the commercials, some of us will also tune in to the Winter Olympics, a quadrennial competition that answers, once and for all, questions that burn in the brains of every true sports fan, such as: (1) Who will claim ''bragging rights'' as the world's best in the individual, sprint and team Nordic Combined? (2) What, exactly, IS the Nordic Combined? (3) Who the hell are the ''Nordics,'' anyway?

Dave Barry klarte ble sendt av "Miami Herald" for å dekke vinterolympiaden i Salt Lake City for 4 år siden og har siden snakket varmt om rare norske etternavn og hvor mye speed du må ta for å få curling spennende. Denne gangen har han laget en liten guide til lekene:
BIATHLON: This fun sport was invented by the Norwegians, often called ''The Yuckmeisters of Western Scandinavia.'' Rifle-toting competitors ski for a while, then shoot at targets, then ski some more, then shoot some more, then ski some more, then shoot some more, then ski some more, then shoot some more and so on until France surrenders.

Les resten av artikkelen og siden kan du ønske deg en Skiskytings-simulator til jul

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