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mandag, desember 19, 2005

Da Vinci Koden

Making Light har en interessant (og gøyal) posting om Dan Browns udødelige..øh..mesterverk. Flere morsomheter dukker opp i kommentarerene. Her er noen smakebiter:

I know some actual scholars of the early Christian community are... displeased with the Da Vinci code. I don't have the expertise to evaluate their complaints myself. I do know a little bit about cryptography, though, so to try to get a general gauge on things, I picked a copy of another book of his, "Digital Fortress", out of a bin. The general background to this one concerns cryptography. I flipped it open to a randomly selected page, and found the Nazi Enigma cipher machine described as a "12 ton monster".

It's not hard to find pictures of an Enigma machine. Not hard at all. It's a little harder to get access to the actual device, but I have seen them up close. You can pick them up and carry them. And depending on the model, you may not need both hands

When I was seven years old, in second grade, I wrote a mystery story that was a pastiche of Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and Godzilla (I was an eclectic child). My attempts at coded messages sounded a LOT like Dan Brown's.

...In fact, now that I think of it, the Da Vinci Code, in tone and style, distinctly resembles my second-grade story.

My favorite, however, is in Angels and Demons, where the protagonist mutters to himself "So...CERN has a particle accelerator."

I shouted at the page "CERN is a particle accelerator! You can't miss the thing, it's only several kilometers across!"

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